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Dwelling in the Land of Tranquility
by Jerry Lopper

Are you dwelling in the land of tranquility or the land of turmoil? Given a choice, which would you select? a). A life surrounded by peace, tranquility, and love, or b). A life surrounded by strife, turmoil, and anger?

Many people will say they would pick a), tranquility, given a choice, but the world is such that b), turmoil, is the environment surrounding them. Yet, where we dwell day by day is really a choice. Many of us are choosing to dwell in turmoil--perhaps subconsciously--but choosing nonetheless.

Every time we bitterly, angrily contest some life situation we pick b), turmoil. Each time we righteously declare what is right or wrong for someone else we pick b). Criticizing a spouse needlessly, correcting minor errors publicly, and arguing for the title of being "right" is a b) choice. Deciding to participate in a derisive or demeaning attack on some faction of humans based on a difference--race, religion, sex, politics, or personal behavior--is a choice for b).

Each time we help another being--just for the sheer love of helping another--we choose a), tranquility. Every time we distance ourselves from those who demean others as a way of feeling good about themselves we pick a). Living a life that is always true to self, while allowing others to do the same, is an a) choice.

But, you might say, look at all the anger in the world around us. See the daily reports of killing, rape, combat, cheating, and stealing that goes on around us. How can you ignore it? Thatís reality, you might say.

No, thatís your reality because youíve chosen to be within it. Watching it, reading about it, talking about it, and modeling it in your personal environment creates the reality surrounding you. Youíre creating the land in which you dwell--turmoil. The land of tranquility exists simultaneously, but you must choose to dwell within it.

Is it "sticking your head in the sand" to live in tranquility while turmoil boils around you, or vice-versa? The issue is not whether both tranquility and turmoil exist in the world--they do exist simultaneously and in parallel, yet worlds apart. The issue is which you choose.

So, where do you choose to live today, tranquility or turmoil? If youíre a long-time resident of turmoil, take a one week vacation in the land of tranquility. Stay there for a week and observe your feelings. Life is easier in the land of tranquility.

Copyright 2003, all rights reserved. 

Jerry Lopper is an author, personal coach, and consultant. His workshops, ebooks, articles, and coaching are available through http://www.yourcoachtosuccess.com where you can sign up for complimentary articles and coaching. Email to compcoach@yourcoachtosuccess.com.

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