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Hummingbird's Song
by Rachel Paxton

It isn't easy running a household. There are good days and bad. Have you ever thought about what makes you have a good day? You know, you've had them every once in awhile, a day where everything seems to go just right and you get everything accomplished that you set out to do. You even have a little energy left over at the end of the day to maybe spend some quality time with your husband or significant other.

It's easy to blame your moods on outside sources--the weather, a bad day at work, the demanding children, a cranky husband, but you're only hurting yourself when you let things going on around you get you down. You're entitled to having a peaceful state of mind even when chaos might seem to be going on around you. 

So what can you do about it? Often you don't realize just how easy it is to change your state of mind. It's easy fall prey to those sneaky thoughts that creep into your mind, tiring your body and mind instantly. Pay close attention to the things around you that lift your mood quite unsuspectedly. You probably don't even realize those little pick-me-ups that are around you all the time to boost your spirit. Discover those hidden mood elevators, and you'll soon be cheering yourself up quite consciously! It doesn't take much effort at all. I recently found one of my mood lifters quite by accident.

My whole life I've loved wind chimes. We never had one, but I always loved visiting the homes of people who did. I just loved the sound they made. After I moved into my first home with my husband, I wanted to get a wind chime. He said he hated them, that they were annoying, so we didn't get one. Several years later I saw some on sale at 30% off, and commented to my husband how much I would love to have one. After all that time, he said go ahead and get one, it was fine with him. So I looked through them all and picked out one with a hummingbird on it. It is beautiful. When I got it home and hung it up I was so excited, just like a little kid. I couldn't believe something so simple could make me so happy. I couldn't wait for the wind to start blowing.

I've had my new wind chimes for about 2 months now, and I can't believe how they've improved the quality of my state of mind. Whenever I start feeling a little tense and start letting things get to me, the wind seems to happen to pick up just then and I hear the hummingbird's song. My mood changes almost instantly, and I'm filled with a wonderful sense of inner peace.

I hope you can find something like this that improves the quality of your life. The better you feel, mentally and emotionally, the more you will accomplish in your life. You owe it to yourself! (And by the way, my husband decided he liked the wind chimes after all.)

Copyright 2000. Rachel Paxton is a freelance writer, mom, and owner of four home and family web sites. For complete resources for the Christian home, visit her web site at http://www.Christian-Parent.com.

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