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Looking for the Littlest Bit: 50 Things that Bring Joy
by Don H. Morris

Everyone feels down sometimes, and some people feel extremely bad for long periods of time. When we feel bad, we look for something to help us feel better.

This can be something we do, or an affirmation from another person. Let me suggest that when you look for something to help you feel better, look for the littlest bit.

What is the littlest bit? Simply, it is something that helps you feel the smallest amount better that actually is better! Looking for the littlest bit keeps you from trying to find something that will make you feel a whole bunch better, like hitting the jackpot at a casino or going on a cruise. It is a common mistake to think that we need something big like that to make us feel better. We often find ourselves overlooking the small pleasures of life.

Here's a list of littlest bits I wrote recently. (I left a few blank lines to fill in later.) What would you put on your list? Your list would look different from mine or anyone else's, since each of us are unique individuals.

Think about all the little things you enjoy doing. Write out your list, then start putting some littlest bits into each of your days. Taken together, they will make a whole bunch of difference!

My List of Littlest Bits

  1. Calling a friend
  2. Helping someone hurting
  3. Eating an ice cream sandwich
  4. Taking a deep breath
  5. A cat sitting in my lap
  6. Getting a hug
  7. Hugging someone
  8. Telling a story
  9. Listening to a story
  10. Working on my computer
  11. Taking a shower
  12. Sleeping ten extra minutes
  13. The sun warming my face
  14. The wind rustling in leaves
  15. Hearing a clean joke
  16. Lying down on clean sheets
  17. Smelling dinner cooking
  18. Doing a good job on a task
  19. Getting a compliment
  20. Giving a compliment
  21. Stretching
  22. Getting dressed neatly
  23. Listening to music
  24. Getting a note or card
  25. Sending a note or card
  26. Learning something new
  27. Talking about old times
  28. Getting a milkshake or Frosty
  29. Taking a bubble bath
  30. Juggling
  31. Walking my dog
  32. Solving a problem
  33. Smelling a flower
  34. Holding a baby
  35. Remembering holding a baby
  36. Making a wish upon a star
  37. Listening to a Talking Book
  38. Drinking a Coke
  39. Getting a neck rub
  40. Making a plan
  41. Saying "I love you" to someone
  42. Making this list!
  43. ___________________________
  44. ___________________________
  45. ___________________________
  46. ___________________________
  47. ___________________________
  48. ___________________________
  49. ___________________________
  50. ___________________________

Don H. Morris, Ed.D., is the founder of Encouragement Plus Coaching. Don's coaching approach is to tailor the right mix of support, structure, and challenge for each individual client. Don believes that nourishing the spirit is an essential part of achieving balance in life. Learn more at http://www.encouragementplus.com.

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