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Loving Your Children NO MATTER WHAT!
by Kelly Jo Murphy

As I was changing my baby girl's diaper, my husband watched on and said, "I wonder if she'll ever know how much you really love her."

I said with a smile, "It doesn't really matter, does it?"

Unconditional Love.

You've heard that before. Love your children unconditionally.

Do you ever give your child a kiss only when they do something you like?

Do you ever expect appreciation for what you do as a mother?

Do you ever withhold love to get your child to do something?

These are only a few examples of when you might put conditions on the love you give and show your child.

Loving your child unconditionally is about loving them NO MATTER WHAT!

That little "no matter what" is where we sometimes get hung up.

It actually starts with loving yourself NO MATTER WHAT. Do you do that?! Can you look in the mirror and tell yourself, "I love you, even though you do this, that or the other." If not, start there.

Unconditional love is about loving and showing that love even when you or your child acts in ways you may not like. You love them anyway. You love yourself anyway.

I hold, sing to, nurse, laugh with my baby, knowing that she may grow up and not remember a thing. Knowing that she may grow up and call me names. Knowing that she may grow up and think I "ruined" her life. And do I care? No. Because I love her NO MATTER WHAT.

Of course, I "expect" to have a wonderful relationship with my daughter, just as I do with my sons. But, I still love her "no matter what."

Take a look at some of the times where you may not be loving your child NO MATTER WHAT. Ask yourself, "How might I show love?" Listen and act on it right then and there.

Think back to when you were a child at the same age. What would you have liked your parents to have done during that moment to show their love for you? Act on it! Your child will thank you. And even if he doesn't, you can still love him, NO MATTER WHAT.


Kelly Jo Murphy, Certified Parent Coach, helps parents add more fun, ease and fulfillment in their parenting. Sign up for her free ezine by sending a blank email to Parenting_for_Potential-subscribe@yahoogroups.com http://www.museplayground.com

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