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Safety Tips to Ensure Your Pet Has a Happy Holiday
By Donna Beadle

(FeatureSource) With the hustle and bustle of the holidays, many pet owners overlook holiday hazards their pets can encounter. Between tempting turkeys and dangerous decorations, pet owners should be ďmaking a list and checking it twiceĒ to ensure their furry friends have a safe holiday season.

If you celebrate Christmas, it is customary to have a Christmas tree. Be sure your tree is out of the way and anchored securely just incase your feline sees it as a new playground or your pooch looses control during a room-to-room run. It is also smart to make sure your pets donít see the tree decorations as an extension of their toy collection. Decorations can be swallowed or become lodged causing an emergency situation. Electrical cords can also pose a problem. Keep them out of harmís way and check them regularly for chew marks.

Gifts under the tree are also tempting to chew. Itís a good idea to remove stick-on bows as pets can chew and swallow them. Be sure to ask the gift giver if the gift is safe for pets before placing it under the tree. Being that our petís sense of smell is much better than ours, itís better to place edible gifts in a safe spot to remove temptation.

Keep Poinsettias and holiday candy out of petís reach. Although not severely toxic, Poinsettias can make your pets sick. Chocolate, on the other hand, can cause severe illness or death. It is a good idea to have a wide variety of toys available to keep your pet occupied and not tempted by forbidden treats.

The smell of holiday ham or turkey makes more than your guestsí mouthís water. Be sure not to leave your holiday feast unattended as it could become a buffet for your pet. Pets can get upset stomachs from too much food they are not use to, and bones can splinter or become lodged in their digestive systems causing a surgical emergency.

Holiday get-togethers are fun but can be overwhelming for your pet. Most likely, you will be busy entertaining your guests and not able to keep an eye on your furry friend. Pets can become anxious in large crowds or wander off and get into trouble. It is best to provide them a safe haven, such as a room or a crate, where they can get away from the celebration.

Along with shopping for gifts, preparing for parties and celebrating the season, donít forget to spend some quality time with your pet so you can all have a happy holiday season.

Donna Beadle is an animal enthusiast who has dedicated her life to raising, training and showing German Shepherd Dogs and Border Collies. Along with her dogs, she shares her farm with two horses, a cat and a saltwater aquarium. She is the editor of ďThe Sentinel,Ē the official newsletter of the White German Shepherd Dog Club of America.

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