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Success Sutra: The Joy Of Confidence
By Garth Gibson

Most people are always striving to better themselves. It's the "American Way." For proof, check the sales figures on the number of self-improvement books sold each year.

It is an indication of people's awareness that in order to better themselves, they have to continue improving their personal abilities.

To excel in any situation, you must have confidence, and confidence comes, first and foremost, from knowledge.

You have to know and understand yourself and your goals. You have to recognize and accept your weaknesses as well as your special talents. This requires a kind of personal honesty that not everyone is capable of exercising.

Getting up out of bed in the morning; doing what has to be done; and all the while increasing your own knowledge - all this very definitely requires a great deal of personal motivation, discipline, and energy. But then the rewards can be beyond your wildest dreams, for make no mistake about it.

Confidence gives ...

  • -You the ability to laugh at rejection
  • -You a way to grab people's attention
  • -You a quick and easy way to rid yourself of uneasy tension
  • -You superior listening skills for peak performance

Warning: It will cost you if don't have confidence but it will amaze you with what you can accomplish once you MASTER it!

Now go out an experience the joy--it is time for you to have the same success as others.

@copyright 2003 Garth Gibson 

Garth Gibson, is editor of Success Widgets!, this month he is giving away the "I Turn On My Success As Easy I Turn On My TV" ecourse. Visit http://garthgibson.com/weblog/blogger

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