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What Are You Focusing On?
by Irene Brooks

One of my friends called me today, really in a bummed mood because he was not getting the results he wanted in his business.

We went through the steps he has taken over the last week.

He's following his marketing plan.

He's using the system we co-created with him.

He's following up with his customers.

He's consistent and keeps his word.

He's doing everything "right".

So, what's missing?

I began to ask him how he was "feeling" about things.

And that's when the light bulb went off. We found what was "missing", and what he is focused on.

What we feel at any given time is an indication of what we are attracting to us.

What I mean is, I can be following all the same steps as my upline, or my success formula as I always do but if, in the back of my mind, I am mulling over the rude comment another person made to me, or the guy who cut me off on the highway, or the fight I had with my spouse, etc, it is going to come through in all other areas of my life.

Think about it.

Ever notice how when things are going GREAT, you sponsor 3 people in one week, your advertising starts showing significant results, your spouse brings you flowers, and so on, the more good things that keep coming your way?

And, on the flip side, ever notice how when the hot water heater breaks, that's the same day you get an audit notice from the IRS, someone backs into your car in the parking lot, and your best customer goes with a competitor?

Good attracts more good, and bad attracts more bad.

So are you focused on success or failure?

How do you feel right now? What type of "self talk" have you done today?

Have you appreciated yourself? Your Spouse? Your existing customers? Your successes?

Here's a tough one - have you appreciated the bad things that happen to you?

This is a cliché, but it is true - "In every rainy, stormy cloud, there is a silver lining."

Here's an example:

My husband and I have been trying to purchase a home for quite a while now. We would literally get very close to having the deal done, when "out of the blue", the house would get termites, the roof had a leak that would require us to gut the house, the sellers would back out.

No kidding, we would always have something that would stop us. We'd go back to feeling badly about the situation we were in.

Boxes were unpacked, utilities and mail forwarding cancelled... BAD MOOD!

I knew I had to move beyond this "feeling sorry for myself phase."

I spoke to my sponsor, who is a great coach to me, and she said, "What can you appreciate about the house you're in now?"

Well, the house is roomy enough for us to be here comfortably. I only lose my office when we have a guest - which is actually only two to three times a year, the house is close to Jimmy's work, and we have great neighbors.

Do you know, I immediately felt better, the bad mood lifted and I haven't looked back.

And, it was a trigger for me that in ALL things, find the good, get rid of the bad, and ALWAYS focus on FEELING GOOD and success.

We actually began enjoying living here. We started decorating the house, coming up with systems to alleviate the uncomfortable spots within the home, I found myself smiling when I pulled into the driveway.

Out of the blue, we got a call from a friend who is a realtor. "You've got to come see this house!" We went...every feature that we always said..."It would be nice to have..." was in this house! It was affordable, I wouldn't have to change schools, there were children around the same age as my girls, it was closer to my husband's job and the owners have already moved to their new home! Easily effortless and right.

Don't wait until...you get x amount of customers to be happy, or you get that car, or you get that level of income. Be grateful for what you have now. Enjoy it...feel it. Concentrate on the good.

One promise that I have is...the better it gets, the better it gets!

It may not change what happened, but it WILL change what's going to happen!

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Irene Brooks is a Professional Life and Business Coach, speaker, writer and marketing consultant who specializes in helping small business owners and entrepreneurs to quickly and easily generate a constant stream of customers without wasting time and money on ineffective marketing techniques. Visit her website at http://www.3-DSuccessCoach.com

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