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What Would You Die For?
By Steve Goodier

Do you know what you would die for? An ancient story tells of two great warriors, Cyrus and Cagular. Cyrus, of course, was the noted emperor of Persia and Cagular was a little-known chieftain who consistently repelled Cyrus' attacks.

Cagular's troops tore the Persian army apart time and time again as they resisted Cyrus' attempts to expand his southern border. Finally, Cyrus amassed his whole army, surrounded Cagular, cap­tured him, and brought him to the capitol for trial and execution.

On the day of the trial, Cagular and his fam­ily were brought to the judgment chamber. The chieftain, six feet tall with the appearance of a no­bleman, faced the throne. Cyrus was duly impressed with Cagular.

"What would you do should I spare your life?" the emperor asked.

Your majesty," replied the warrior, "If you spared my life, I would return home and remain your obedient servant as long as I live."

What would you do if I spared the life of your wife?" Cyrus questioned.

"Your majesty, if you spared the life of my wife, I would die for you."

So moved was Cyrus by his answer that he freed Cagular and his wife and appointed the chieftain to govern the southern province.

On the trip home, Cagular enthused to his wife, "Did you notice the marble entrance to the palace? Did you see the corridor to the throne room? Did you see the chair on which he sat? It was made of one lump of solid gold!"

His wife appreciated her husband's ex­cite­ment, but admitted, “I really didn’t notice any of that."

"Well," Cagular asked in amazement, "What did you see?"

She looked seriously into his eyes. "I be­held only the face of the man who said he would die for me."

Do you know what you would die for? Loved ones? Home? Country? Faith? Liberty? Love? Determine what you will die for, and you will have identified what you should live for.

Live for the few things you'd die for and you will be fully alive! You will also have learned something about how to be happy.

Steve Goodier is a professional speaker, consultant and author of numerous books. Visit his site for more information, or to sign up for his FREE newsletter of Life, Love and Laughter at http://LifeSupportSystem.com.

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