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While you wait
by Michael Rawls

Become a possibilitarian. No matter how dark things seem to be or actually are, raise your sights and see the possibilities - always see them, for they're always there.

Norman Vincent Peale

A reprieve from intense striving?

With the style of a skillful archer, I must have drawn my arrow and hit my target. After much effort and struggle, perseverance has taken me toward an unconsciously desired outcome, it seems. Having zeroed in upon the bull's eye, I have explored the territory and brought myself to it's center. I didn't know this is what I was aiming for, but my spirit must have known all along.

This is a time that my spirit has needed, to pause for a while. I am given this period of time to use my creativity to turn a crisis, a challenge, into an opportunity. It is time to refresh myself, to take a break from the focus of working at a job, so that I may soon return to work refreshed and renewed. My 'all or nothing' approach needed a break, because even an artist must learn to render high quality work without being consumed by the process.

It is a time to gather all the confidence I can muster, as if I already know my Plan is working and my goals are secured. It is a time to trust that Spirit has nothing but success in store for me, and I must prepare to make my next moves with confidence and authority, simply because my Plan is unfolding perfectly. Yet.... the world offers no guarantees, only opportunities for growth.

The real lesson of this time is this: what is happening is not the end of the world! The only real disaster would be to believe the present setback will cast a pall over my entire future. Right now, I need to detach myself somewhat from my emotions about where I find myself at this moment. It is a time to realize that life calls for a personal investment and occasional sacrifice in order to derive the full benefit from being alive. It is a time to practice gratitude.

I am given this time to focus upon people and relationships. Not just networking for the purpose of securing employment, but to make a personal assessment of how I deal with people in general, and how I deal with my close relationships in particular. I need to use this time wisely and listen to what people close to me are saying, and to ask their advice on where I need improvement, both in my personal and professional life. I must listen carefully to discover which parts of my approach have substance and which are undeveloped.

Through this process, insights I would never have thought of may emerge, and careful consideration of what I hear from those who know me and care about me will let me know how closely my personal vision matches community standards of balance and harmony.

And when I have gathered my strength and my thoughts, when I have cranked up my confidence a notch or two, when my spirit has been refreshed... the door will open, and I will step confidently through.

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