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The Secret Way Out of the Darkness
by Nancy Bishop

Big, round, orange pumpkins, cornstalks standing 6 feet tall, and bushels of apples are now decorating roadsides and filling farm stands. Farmers and gardeners everywhere are celebrating their abundant harvests and sharing the "fruits" of their labor.

The farmers may be the last people working the land who truly know what it is to be connected with the earth and who can teach us life lessons about sowing seeds, weeding, feeding, growing, harvesting and celebrating.

When was the last time you celebrated your accomplishments? I know most of us skip right over them and move on to the next thing; the next rung on the ladder.

Today, many of us may feel out of step, not only with the rhythm of the seasons but, with the rhythm of our lives. We work inside of sterile buildings, sit in cubicles without windows under the glare of fluorescent lighting. We work harder and longer but what is it costing us to work so hard? It's no wonder that so many of us feel sick and tired when we live so disconnected from what really feeds and nourishes us.

Of course, that is the challenge for each of us. To hear and feel the beat of our own heart and dance to it's rhythm. However, if we are so tired and depleted it will be difficult to hear anything and we certainly won't have the energy to dance.

Even in this seemingly dark place, there are opportunities to reignite the spark, fan the flame and keep the fire burning in our lives. It doesn't always come though, through extreme movements. Often, it is by making tiny shifts and taking small daily actions that will bring us out of the darkness and into the light again. The secret is to begin with wherever you are in the present moment.

Nancy Bishop is a Life Coach, Writer and Speaker. She coaches busy women who want more TEA - Time, Energy and Abundance for the things that really matter in their lives. For more information, or, to subscribe to her free monthly newsletter, visit her website at www.yourlifeyourway.com.

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