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Your Magnificence
by Virginia Dever

”Ninety-eight percent of us die without tasting the nectar of our magnificence”. Abraham Maslow

It is time. In fact it is past time for you to “taste the nectar of your magnificence”.

And I am here to ensure that you do just that, “taste the nectar of your magnificence”.

It is my goal to touch as many people as possible with this challenge and my soul’s mission to help you see your magnificence.

How do you taste the nectar? This is simple. You will taste, see, touch, hear and smell your magnificence by committing to a life of everlasting creativity.

It is through creativity that you begin the journey of connecting to your soul, of meeting your true self and it is through creativity that we see, feel, touch, taste and hear your prosperity.

We are born creative beings; therefore it is our God given right and responsibility to develop and nurturer our souls. We do this by going within and it is through creating that we reflect back to us who we are. This is the way we grow in vision, in power and the realization that we are prosperous and we have prosperity all around us.

Our creativity remains a mystery, until we allow it to be revealed to us through art.

Art is the tool that pulls the nectar of our magnificence out into the open, allowing us to see ourselves. It is through art that we experience the process that lends itself to living in the now. It is through art that we begin to trust ourselves, knowing that what we create is perfect. It is through art that we learn to be patient with ourselves as well as being non-judgmental. It is through art that we learn to focus our intentions, center our being and laugh at ourselves.

Each time we create and allow our magnificence to shine, we are peeling away another layer of the onion.

With each writing, or painting we complete, we see our souls being revealed for all to see. As you gain in experience, you also gain in the knowledge of your soul’s language.

This is how we connect to other’s souls, by looking at their art.

Whoa, wait a minute, I think I am beginning to hear tiny voices saying, “I am not creative”, “I do not have a creative bone in my body.” My sister or brother got all the creative genes, not me.”

These words my friends, are obstacles you are putting up to keep you safe. You must not do this to yourself. These negative words must be changed in order for you to truly live your life and experience your magnificence.

If you are blocking your own growth and vision, you must stop right now and replace the negative message with a positive message.

I have taken the liberty of giving you several replacements for those negative words.

Here goes.

I am Creative.

The Creative me discovers ways to communicate with loving-kindness.

The Creative me is positive.

The Creative me is willing to write on a daily basis.

The Creative me takes risks.

The Creative me is vulnerable.

The Creative me loves nature.

The Creative me paints the perfect picture every time.

The Creative me believes in miracles

The Creative me is authentic.

The Creative me is spontaneous.

I challenge you right now to begin to change your negative self-talk and limiting beliefs into “I taste the nectar of my magnificence.”

And, I am challenging you to begin to look at different artistic mediums. I am encouraging you to write everyday. Buy a notebook and a pen that you love, sit down each morning you’re your coffee or tea and write. Write anything that comes into your mind, not paying attention to text, or errors. Just write. You must write at least three pages. These pages are called morning pages and Julia Cameron created this magnificent glimpse into our souls.

All rights reserved. Copyright 2003. 

Virginia is a personal coach with a seven-year track record of helping people find their hidden talents, strengths and desires. She loves to feel "the connecting of the minds", the joyfulness of an insight, and the excitement of being alive. Her areas of expertise are artists/writers who want to create that masterpiece and experience financial freedom, social workers/therapists who are ready to shuck it all for something newer and fresher and grandmapreneurs who need the support and the push to go even higher. http://www.purposeful-living.com

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