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Your Truth Is Within You
By Fran Hafey

"When your truth unfolds like a flower being born, you will feel it in your heart and know its true."

Fran Hafey

What is your truth? Your truth is your essence of who you truly are. It's that feeling, that knowing that you are who you are from the center of your being all the way to the outside of your aura and even beyond.

When we awaken, we become aware that there is much more to life. There are many levels and realms. We begin to ask questions about who we are, what we're doing here, what is our purpose and often we will feel a pulling or drawing to do much more.

This is when we begin to get a sense that the answers lie deep within ourselves. We must go into our very soul and uncover layers of what other people have wanted us to be for a long time and begin to see the light of what we love about ourselves and who we truly are.

Your truth is that compound of spirit, energy, knowing, learning, sharing and reaching the point where you can look yourself in the eye and say "I know you and I know what you believe and exactly how you feel about life, love, peace and what and who you truly are!!!

There is no way that anyone can compromise your truth. They can help shape it and help you to form it, but you are the only one that can reach the depths of your very being and come face to face with YOUR TRUTH!

Oh what a wonderful time when we can feel that feeling of peace and balance when we can say out loud "Hi there, dear one, I love you and it's so nice to finally meet you, I am a better person for seeking and finding you!!"

For instance, my own truth is that I do not need anyone else to tell me who I am, or what I believe, or how to find my answers or where to look. I know who I am totally, even if it means I find out new answers and information daily. I trust and love myself. I am at peace with who I am and my path I follow, even if I am not so sure what the name of it is. That doesn't matter. I honestly know I have found the REAL me, the one that was created to do the job I am now doing. I know there is so much more to do and I will let Spirit/God lead me. I can do it the hard way or I can let life flow and deal with it as it comes, knowing that I am sufficient and light enough to find my way.

I have friends and souls that help me when I come up against some rough edges. They will help me smooth them out and let me ramble while I find my own truth and answers once again. My inner truth never changes, it just grows and grows as my soul does. Let me explain... I know me. I know my path. I know who I am, what I am doing and what direction I am going in. That doesn't mean, I always know, from day to day, all the many changes and things that may come my way that will help me to become even more than I am now, even when they are huge challenges. But the core of my being, my "truth" is constant.

I know without a doubt I am a lightworker here to help others as a Healer, Writer, Teacher, Spiritual leader and more and I know that I have so much more to do and am very happy to do so, even with a lot of its uphill and I have to do most of it alone. I am blessed beyond measure to be who I am and to have been chosen to be a light to others. This is not vanity, it's just my truth and as we all are growing and changing, we all learn to recognize our own truth and share parts of it with others.

If you're still wondering today about your truth, begin within and know that when we are looking for it and ask for help from our angels and higher powers, that we will find it... and when we do, we will know it and we will be filled with joy!!!!

Sending lots and lots of great energy, peace and love your way on your journey to find your truth!!

Copyright: Mystickblue (c) 2003 All rights reserved.

Fran Hafey is a Spiritual Counselor, Writer, Healer and Earth Activist. She provides guidance and inspiration via her Website, groups and newsletter through the Internet and other Resources. To read more of her articles visit the Author's Website: http://Mystickblue.com She's currently working on publishing her own books about love, inspiration, peace, magic and nature stories for Children of all ages.

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