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There's More to Celebrating Easter than Easter-Egg Hunts

(FeatureSource) For many people, the main event on Easter Sunday is the egg hunt. As much fun as that tradition is, there are many other activities that will add to your family's enjoyment of the day.

"Easter isn't about throwing a party in the usual sense of the word," says Patty Sachs, author of "Pick-A-Party: The Big Book of Party Themes and Occasions" (Meadowbrook Press).

"Easter is a time to celebrate rebirth and renewal. It's also a time for reflection," Sachs says. Sachs suggests that hosting a brunch is a great way to bring everyone together. Serve anything that is popular with your guests. But avoid egg dishes — there will be plenty of those in the coming days.

After brunch, dye and decorate eggs, if you haven't done so already. Then have the adults and older children hide them. They can also hide candy and small toys. In this way, no one is a mere spectator, and everyone takes part in the hunt.

Keep track of where the eggs have been placed, because you don't want a well-hidden prize announcing itself by smell days after the event. When all the eggs have been hidden, send the small children out to find them—a tradition that is still popular because it is so entertaining.

After all the treats have been found, gather the children together for a game of pin the tail on the bunny. The real surprise will come after a few rounds, when you have the adults take a turn. As much as children love to play this game, they will be even more amused at the sight of their parents giving it a try. And the adults will have fond flashbacks to their own childhood.

You can also have a bonnet-making contest. This will bring adults and children together in a fun, creative activity. Supply the craft items needed, and award prizes for the most innovative or spectacular hat.

For a more insightful activity, gather children around to listen to older guests talk about what Easter was like when they were children. Videotape the talk to preserve the memory for future Easter gatherings.

"You can mix the joyous with the profound on Easter," Sachs says. "The goal is for your guests to have the best holiday that they can."

These and other hints come from Sachs' "Pick-A-Party: The Big Book of Party Themes and Occasions," which offers celebration tips for almost every holiday or event.

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