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Wine Vinegar

You can make wine vinegars with flavors that are not available in commercial products. It is also a great way to use the left over wines from a party that would otherwise be wasted. Adjust the recipe to use up leftover party wine.

You can use wine vinegar for any recipe (except canning recipes) calling for vinegar or lemon juice.


4 cups red or white wine 
l-1/3 to 2 cups red wine vinegar or white wine vinegar 
Use red wine with red wine vinegar and white with white.

Yield: approximately 1.5 quarts. Less if a smaller amount of vinegar is used.


First check the acidity level on the wine vinegar label. If it is low (less than 5 percent acidity), use the greater quantity of vinegar in the recipe. If the acidity level is high (6 percent or higher), use the smaller amount.

Put the wine and vinegar in clean bottles, cap them, and store bottles on a cool, dark, dry shelf for at least four months.

Check the vinegar each month thereafter (take a whiff). When the aroma becomes tart and pungent, yet still fruity, it is ready to use. This process can take as long as six months.

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