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  1. Can you still take Vitamin C if you are prone to kidney problems?
  2. Do chewable Vitamin C tablets corrode your teeth?
  3. What is Mind/Body Medicine?
  4. Why do we lose weight when we are ill? Is there anything we can do about it?
  5. What is melatonin?
  6. What is Provitamin A or Beta Carotene?
  7. What is Chelation?
  8. What is Time Release?
  9. Is there a difference between synthetic vs. natural vitamins? Which one should I buy?
  10. What is cholesterol?
  11. Why is having high cholesterol considered to be so bad?
  12. What is atherosclerosis and arteriosclerosis?
  13. How does atherosclerosis begin?
  14. What are triglycerides?
  15. Where does Cholesterol and triglycerides come from?
  16. What can I do to lower my blood cholesterol?
  17. What's C0Q10?
  18. I have seen quite a few amino acid supplements in health food stores lately. Are these considered nutrients? Are they as important as vitamins?
  19. Should lecithin be taken as liquid, granules, or capsules?
  20. I know that vitamins can't work properly without minerals, but do some minerals make them work more effectively than others?
  21. Which natural remedies can boost the immune system?
  22. I have heard about the toxicity of vitamin A. Is it dangerous to take vitamin A supplements?
  23. What are medium-chain triglycerides?
  24. What is DMSO?
  25. What are Essential Fatty Acids (EFAS)?
  26. What do EPA and DHA on product labels stand for?
  27. What is CSA?
  28. What is the value of octacosanol in wheat germ oil?
  29. Which is better, coffee or tea to wash down vitamins?
  30. Does the gel straight from the aloe vera plant have the same properties as aloe extract?
  31. What is oil of evening primrose used for?
  32. Is there any remedy that can help smokers?
  33. Is it better to eat fresh herbs or dried herbs?
  34. I have heard that B-12 can treat mental illnesses like Alzheimer's disease. Is this true?
  35. What are bromelins?

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