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Importance of Communication in Marriage
Isolation and the failure to communicate also drain life from relationships. Most people long for intimacy and fellowship, but without communication, these essentials are impossible.

Immune Support Products and Why We Need Them
In India, for thousands of years, Ayurvedic physicians and the spiritual leaders have documented the physical and spiritual health benefits from colostrum. It is dried and delivered by the milkman and is known for its healing and therapeutic ability.

Improve Your Mood with 5-HTP Supplements
5-HTP is the precursor to serotonin. It improves mood, anxiety and is beneficial in weight loss. There is a massive amount of evidence that suggests that low serotonin levels are a common consequence of modern living. The lifestyle and dietary practices of many people living in this stress-filled era results in lowered levels of serotonin within the brain.

Tempering Temper
Over the years I've learned a lot about tempering, and even eliminating temper or anger in my thoughts and words. It can be done!

Women Advised to Control Their Asthma While Pregnant
NIH recommended that pregnant women keep their asthma under control. If the mother cannot breathe properly, then the unborn baby cannot do either.

Tips for Painless Childbirth
Grandma Geri compares her deliveries and provide some tips for a painless,  joyful, fulfilling pregnancies and deliveries.

Successful Potty Training for the New born
I know potty training for a new born sounds absurd, even abusive maybe, but it isn't. My Scottish mother-in-law did it. It was common knowledge back then in the early 1900's among the rural women. She had her first child about 1925 thereabouts. So this is how she went about it. 

Herbs and Nutrition
An incredible story of what herbs and natural medicine can do for  many things pertaining to mental conditions.

The Poison of Resentment
Resentment and blame are poisons to the soul. They are far more harmful to you than to anyone else. Our ego/wounded self believes that if we blame and resent someone, we can somehow have control over that person or over the outcome of things.

Another Dangerous Drug – when will it end?
A five-year study by the National Cancer Institute which explored whether Celebrex™ prevented colon polyps and colorectal cancer, has found that those taking the drug had at least a 2.5 times higher risk of cardiac events even at the lower dose.

High Quality Vitamins and Supplements

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Night Work and Cancer Risk
Link between working late shifts and increased breast cancer risk

Using Body Language to Get Attraction with Somebody you are Interested In
An article about body language and how much it matters to somebody to feel comfortable.

Be Irresistibly Attractive to Women
You don't need rock-hard abs or a full head of hair to meet women.

Surviving Divorce: What To Think About To Ensure Surviving Divorce
Going through a divorce is hard enough, planning how you'll survive it afterwards is even more critical.

Arguments - The losing side of a relationship
One of the most complex interactions we face in life is the relationship with our partners. There is often some initial spark which brings two people together, but for a relationship to thrive it requires communication, cooperation, and compromise. This article presents one method to help couples establish real and meaningful communication.

7 Incredible Lifesaving Tips to Manage Your Anger
Experiencing anger is extremely dangerous to your health. Here are 7 fantastic tips to help you be the one in control of yourself, and not the hazardous madman called "Anger."

Better Health and Happiness for Your Baby
The design of your home has an amazing affect on the health and well being of your baby. If it is in harmony with nature, it will have a positive influence on young children. If not, problems will become apparent in subtle and ways.

How Optimism can Help – or Hurt – Your Marriage
The happiest couples look on the bright side of the relationship (optimism). They focus on strengths rather than weaknesses and believe that bad events that might threaten other couples do not affect them.

Alternative Approaches to Pain Relief
Since the dawn of time, humans have attempted to discover ways to reduce pain. In some respect, our ability to experience pain, and seek ways to solve it, connects us more than anything else. But what exactly is pain and how do we deal with it?

Your Secret Weapon Against Poor Concentration
The symptoms of ADHD are often mistaken for a stressful life. However, they can have significant impacts on relationships, careers and personal safety. Other adults who do not suffer from these symptoms usually don’t understand you.

Why Do We Gain Weight?
Being over weight, and learning how to maintain a healthy body weight, through good nutrition.

Bringing Wellness Home
Today's busy lifestyles leave little 'spare' time. Indeed, the pace we expect to maintain demands that we take premium care of ourselves; body, mind and spirit. Just as we understand we need to care for our expensive automobiles to keep them working properly, so we need to realize we are using billion dollar bodies which cannot be replaced.

Seven Steps to Live Longer
Research shows that even small lifestyle changes can be a major factor in a long healthy life.

Addiction to Blame
It became apparent to Allen that he would not be able to stop blaming his wife until he stopped blaming and judging himself. His addiction to blaming others was a direct result of his self-abuse.

6 A's Of Healthy Living
The 6 A’s of Healthy Living are: Acceptance, Accomplishments, Attitude, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Acidophilus And American Ginseng.

Clear Mind, Empty Head?: A Leak in 'Mind Like Water'
There's a lot of talk in meditation circles about emptying the mind. This is a roadblock for many people. Why? Because it's counterintuitive. After all, we spend most of our waking hours filling up our minds.

Top Ten Ways to Avoid Arguing With Your Wife
Since life is short, wouldn't men be better off to follow a few simple rules and enjoy their time with their wives?

Generating Positive Energy
Make creating positives your new feel-good habit! Positive self-talk nourishes not only your emotional and psychological health but also your physical health and well-being via the body-mind connection.

Why Aren't We Happy In Our Marriage Relationships?
We somehow expect our partner to "know" what we are thinking and feeling and then react and do the things "we think they should be doing" at each and every situation and circumstance.

Are You Highly Sensitive?
Research psychologist Dr. Elaine Aron has studied high sensitivity extensively. Her research shows that being sensitive is a personality temperament or trait, one usually inherited. According to her, up to 20% of the population is Highly Sensitive.

Quality Of The Air We Breathe At Home Or In The Workplace
How would you rate the quality of air in your workplace? More importantly what factors are you considering when rating it?

Essentials of Managing Your Chronic Illness
Managing your illness means to take responsibility for the actions that are necessary for you to cope and live life as optimally as possible within the limits you are faced with.

What You Need to Know About Herbal Supplements
Today's popular herbal potions promise better sleep, less fatigue, reduced anxiety, even help in the battle against depression. And the herbal answers to these ailments are nothing new.

When I Love You Purely
When I love you purely, I wish for you to be always happy and healthy.

Respect - How to teach it and how to show it.
The best way to teach respect is to show respect. When a child experiences respect, they know what it feels like and begin to understand how important it is.

Validating vs. Indulging Children’s Feelings
We want our children to feel safe in expressing their feelings. We want them to know that what they feel matters to us, that their feelings are important to us. The problem is that sometimes children use their feelings to manipulate their parents, and parents sometimes get confused between validating their children's authentic feelings and indulging the feelings intended to manipulate.

Simple Feng Shui: Eight Quick Ways to Redecorate for Your Spirit
Feng Shui is an Asian philosophy that dates back some 5,000 years. Practitioners strive to find the proper arrangement of objects and furniture that will best suit your personality and lifestyle.

Dealing Positively With the Loss of the Loved Ones
Following are some beliefs or thought-forms, which can be very supportive in our effort to cope with the departure of a loved one.

Ten Hot Tips to Light Your Woman's Fire

Learn to Love Your Body
Poor body image can lead to crash dieting and excessive exercise, which can, in turn, lead to poor nutrition, injuries, and depression. In it’s most dangerous form, a negative body image may fuel an eating disorder or Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD).

5 Tips for Weight Training
Here are some tips for weight training that ensure a physically pleasing physique, and have health and real fitness to go with it.

5 Exercises for Strengthening Your Back
Here are techniques to strengthen your back and conquer scoliosis.

3 Tips to Get Your Waist Back in Shape Fast!
There are many abdominal exercise gadgets which have been proven by biomechanics scientists to be no more useful than recommended exercises. What are some effective ways at home to get that svelte waistline back without fancy machines at the gym?

3 Exercises to Reduce Breast Sagging
As women age, breast tissue and skin can become less elastic, losing form and shape. Are there physical training ways that women can use to increase “perkiness” even with age? Here are some suggestions.

10 Deadly Bacteria That Can Get In Your Food
Most cases of food-borne illness can be prevented. Careless food handling sets the stage for the growth of disease- causing "bugs." For example, hot or cold foods left standing too long at room temperature provide an ideal climate for bacteria to grow. Proper cooking or processing of food destroys bacteria.

10 Easy Ways To Protect Your Family From Food Poisoning
Do you realize the many ways that bacteria can contaminate the food your family eats? Do you know how to tell if your food is thoroughly cooked to keep your family safe from Food Poisoning? Do you know what to do if you or someone you love gets Food Poisoning?

10 Mind-Easing Ways To Make Sure Your Child's "Bag" Lunch Is Safe
Perishable food transported without an ice source won’t stay safe long. Here are safe handling recommendations to prevent food-borne illness from “bag” lunches.

10 Convenient Ways To Eliminate Food Poisoning With Your Microwave
Microwave ovens can play an important role at mealtime, but special care must be taken when cooking or reheating meat, poultry, fish, and eggs to make sure they are prepared safely.

10 Critical Ways To A Perfectly Food-Safe Kitchen
Food poisoning is related to unsafe food, a dirty kitchen, and dirty kitchen appliances. If you follow some safety rules, food poisoning will never occur.

10 Smart Shopping Tips To Protect Your Family From Getting Sick
Prevention of food poisoning starts with your trip to the supermarket. Here's how to start off safely.

10 Simple Ways To Safely Store Food
Storing foods can present its own set of problems. And different types of foods have different storage requirements to prevent bacteria from setting in. Here's some tips to protect your family and yourself.

10 Essential Food Safety Tips For AIDS Sufferers
Persons with Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) are especially susceptible to illness from food-borne pathogens. Because they're at higher risk for severe illness or death, affected persons must be vigilant when handling and cooking foods. Here are some recommendations to help prevent bacterial food-borne illness.

10 Smoky Tips To BBQ Food Safely
Use these simple guidelines for grilling food safely to prevent harmful bacteria from multiplying and causing food-borne illness.

What is a Herniated Disc?
Herniated discs are probably one of the most common diagnosis’s for back pain out there and is often used when a doctor can’t find an explanation for the person’s pain… similar to a doctor explaining away various aches and pains as arthritis.

Styrofoam Cup Diet
Yes, a simple styrofoam cup (regular 6 or 8 oz. coffee cup size) can help you with your weight loss program!

Sex Fun Facts
There are several health benefits of sex.

5 Tips For Long Lasting Relationships
Dating and marriage is different than it was twenty years ago. Here are 5 tips to building a relationship that lasts forever.

Why You Should Do Your Workout Today
Exercise is good for your mind, body, and soul.

Anger and Your Health
In one study, people with normal blood pressure who scored high on a rating scale for anger were nearly three times more likely to have a heart attack or require bypass surgery within five years.

Anger and Relationships
Conflict in relationships is normal; what separates successful couples form others is skills in handling disputes. These skills include interacting differently, improving communication, taking appropriate actions, etc.

Anger and Your Driving
Many of us become aggressive drivers because we are driving under the influence of impaired emotions. Research shows that reducing your stress and changing your self-talk can help you cope.

The High Costs of Anger in the Workplace
Workplace anger is costly to the employee, the company, and coworkers. Studies show that up to 42% of employee time is spent engaging in or trying to resolve conflict. This results in wasted employee time, mistakes, stress, lower morale, hampered performance, and reduced profits and or service.

Open, Full and Imperfect: What You Must Know About Your Heart
I’m not sure what I’m going to learn about my heart when all is said and done, but I’ve already learned an extremely valuable lesson. My heart may be open, it may be full of love, but that doesn’t mean it’s perfect.

Stress Management
All of the hustle and bustle we go through each day leads to undue stress. How do you know that stress is taking over your body? What are the symptoms? Here are a list of tell tale signs that stress could be taking over YOUR body:

Discerning The Loving Heart
It really doesn’t take long to discern the loving heart once you have compassion for yourself, trust your perceptions, and accept your lack of control over others. People betray their intention to either give love or to get it, or to give to get, with everything they say and do.

Dating, Relationship and Marriage Advice
Relationships, dating and marriages are just like working within a good company. It is about selecting the appropriate partner for your venture. As in business, you should seek advice in relationships from those people with the know-how, the skill and talent to help you succeed.

Why Does the Weight Come Back?

Duke University study finds that a walk every day keeps the pounds away.
Duke University Medical Center researchers found that as little as 30 minutes of walking daily is enough to prevent weight gain for most sedentary people. Exertion above that may actually cause weight and fat loss.

New Year’s Resolution: Love Your Body!
Most people begin a new year in earnest; dreaming of building a shapely new body. This year make it easy on yourself; simply commit yourself to building healthy body.  Here are five basic steps to easily begin your commitment to a healthy, shapely new year:

Women Suffer from SAD the Most
75% of all SAD sufferers are women. It is not only light deprivation, but also an “innate vulnerability that lead to the syndrome”. Women are more susceptible to depression over all.

Your Environment Can Affect Your Health
According to Ayurveda, the 5000-year-old system of healing from India, home is more than where your heart is. With appropriate choices, your home or work area can help you feel healthy and well.

Bad Breath, Morning Breath - 12 Step Plan
I recently read a news miscellany that a young researcher into a cure for bad breath offered only one solution: brush the back of the tongue when brushing your teeth. How foolish! That advice can't hurt, but there's much more to the story.

Magic Potions We All Need This Time of Year
For people with mild versions of feeling down or sad at this time of year, I'd like to suggest a way to lighten ourselves and bring more light back into our lives.

Getting Through the Holidays with Chronic Illness
Instead of visions of Sugar Plums dancing in your head, the holidays can be a time when feelings of dread, depression, sadness, loneliness, and anxiety pervade. Having chronic illness can accentuate these unpleasant feelings.

Practical Ways to Keep Your ADD Under Control During the Holiday Season
he holidays are stressful for everyone, especially ADDers, but you can keep your ADD in check.

Cure for the Rotten Kiss
Do you want more excitement out of life? More romance, more intimacy, more passion? Then master the art of kissing.

Five Easy Ways to Keep Your Family Virus-Free
Here are five great tips to help keep you and your kids virus-free this cold season.

What's a Fujian Flu?
No vaccine is 100% effective. For the flu vaccine to be effective for this outbreak, ideally the vaccine needs to contain both the Fujian and Panama variants. Unfortunately, the present available flu vaccine isn't.

5 Ways To Improve Your Memory
Here are five ways to boost your memory and keep it razor sharp.

Marriage and Health
A bad marriage or long-term relationship can have detrimental effects on your health, while a good one can protect you from disease and speed recovery.

Have a Happy Holidays with Your Partner
The holidays are about giving, so learn how to give the gift of a healthy relationship by working with your partner. 

Agoraphobia and Panic Attacks
Anxiety, Panic Disorders and Agoraphobia can be cured. You can take control of your panic attacks. You can take control of your life again.

How To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain
Avoid the Seasonal Seven (the average weight most Americans gain between Thanksgiving and New Year’s). Learn tips and tricks to avoid gaining weight while still enjoying the season.

Holiday Dieting: A Sweet Way To Cheat!
If your diet is making you a humbug this season, there’s some good news. Turns out dark chocolate, that decadent confection, may actually be good for you!

10 Tips to a Stress-Free Holiday
The stress-free way to enjoy the holidays is to plan, take one step at a time, and have a sense of humor.

10 Ways to Keep Your Expectations From Making You Crazy This Christmas
f YOUR Christmas seems to fall short every year, here are some ways to keep your sanity and enjoy the unexpected joys that the season brings.

Negating the Inner Critic
Symptoms of "inner critic" can range from severe phobias to deep depression. Teachers and parents formulate the inner critic in the mind of a young child. It isn't until we can recognize that "right and wrong" are value judgements that in many instances, has no credence in reality, that we can move on.

How To Heal Your Heart
We all experience severe heart break at some time in our lives. For many it happens in childhood or adolescence, the time when we are most vulnerable.

How to Save Your Liver From 20th Century Thinking
If you eat more protein in a meal that what your body can use your body has to excrete the excess. This is fine until you realize that the by-product your body creates after it has digested protein is ammonia.

Arguments in Relationships - an article on resolving conflict in relationships
One of the hardest things to handle in a relationship is conflict. While a good and fair fight can clear the air and help you to feel closer to your lover, many fights are just hurtful and destructive.

Affairs - What do they mean and what can you do?
While affairs hurt relationships, so do lies and a lack of honesty. Often the biggest hurdle is being honest and facing not only your own feelings, but your partner's. No one wants to feel responsible for someone else's pain, but being able to be there for your partner in her/his pain is vitally important.

Can Stress Make You Fat?
Don't stress over your weight. It's normal to eat more and put on weight when you're going through stressful times. Concentrate, instead, on finding ways to relieve the stress you feel.

GABA: An Inexpensive, Natural, and Effective Way to Increase HGH
GABA (Gamma aminobutyric acid) is a gamma neurotransmitter. It's in high concentration in the hypothalamus, so it plays a significant role in hypothalamic-pituitary function.

Remembering Our Past as a Positive Gateway to Our Future
Do you realize that your past experiences hold the key to a better future! Each of us can learn to unlock the door to a better future by understanding the promise that exists in our own unique memories.

Tips for a Healthy and Balanced Physical Body
Your body is the only vehicle you have been given for this ride called “Life”. Taking good care of your body will ensure a longer, happier ride. The following tips integrate your Body, Mind, and Spirit, which are all required to maintain a healthy, happy body!

Recent Hepatitis A Outbreaks in the US Have Been Associated With Green Onions
The Food and Drug Administration is advising the public that several recent hepatitis A outbreaks have been associated with eating raw or undercooked green onions (scallions). Hepatitis A is a liver disease that develops within 6 weeks of an exposure.

Medicinal Properties of Honey and Cinnamon
Honey and Cinnamon are important herbs used in Ayurveda, Yunani, and Oriental Medicine to treat a variety of illnesses. This article describes some of the medicinal uses of these herbs.

5 Tips to Reduce Holiday Depression
Whatever the reason you feel is the cause of your depression, the following five simple tips guarantee you reduce it significantly.

The Healing Power of Mushrooms
In the last decade, there has been increasing recognition in the Western world of the beneficial effects of certain types of mushrooms. In Japan and China, legends about the ability of medicinal mushrooms to preserve youth and increase longevity date back centuries, but only in the last 20 years has scientific research provided a factual basis for these legends.

Relationship Issues: She is Ashamed of Him
Both are cheating and both are miserable. Neither wants to cheat and neither wants to separate, but both are being controlled by needs greater than their wishes. They both seek affirmation of their self-worth.

So Your Lower Back Hurts???
Low back pain is one of the most common ailments people suffer from and approximately 8 out of 10 people will deal with back pain at some point in their life. That’s a lot of people… are you one of them?

Preventing Osteoporosis
Medical evidence supports an improvement in bone density is possible through lifestyle changes.

Women and Workplace Stress: It's More than the Job!
Research shows that women’s stress in the workplace is related more to lack of balance and demands of home and work combined, and men’s workplace stress related more to the job.

The Power of Touch
Science tells us that a touch triggers the release of brain endorphins — an endogenous analgesic more powerful than heroin or morphine. But touch is more than just a scientific confluence of brain chemicals.

How to Conquer Mental Maladies: Coping with Anxiety
A normal reaction to stress is to take action & cope or run away. However, if excessive fear, worry or nervousness creates anxiety, these daily reactions can be can be distorted. How can you tell if your reactions are normal or excessive?

Surviving the First Year of Marriage - Creating a Successful Foundation
A successful Marriage as anything else in this world, begins with a good foundation. You are responsible for creating that foundation. I know it seems like it might be a bit of work and it can also be a lot of FUN.

Controlling Behavior, Loving Behavior
Controlling behavior is the major cause of divorce. In this article, find out how to move beyond controlling behavior and into loving behavior.

The 50/50 Relationship: Does it Exist?
Many couples play the blame game when what they really need to do is compromise.

Avoid Overeating During the Holidays: Take Back Your Power!
Learn to take back your power and enjoy your food! Advice for dealing with holiday temptations.

Eat Fat to Burn Fat
We have been eating low fat (some no fat) diets and the funny thing is we have gotten progressively fatter and less healthy. Who ever said low fat diets were healthy, and more importantly, why does eating less fat mean you’ll be less fat?

5 Fitness Myths That Are Responsible For Thousands of Fitness Failures
Here are some common misconceptions among people with regard to exercise and nutrition.

My Beginning Yoga Experience
Beyond the rewards of seeing my body stretch and reach new ranges of motion in class, it was after and between classes where the payoffs truly lay. Bending over to pick up something no longer hurt, standing up after sitting for a while no longer involved pain and stiffness, and I began noticing how good I felt instead of how bad.

Using Yoga to Manage ADD
Yoga can help ADDers feel calm, centered, in control, and in touch with their bodies. Practiced regularly, ADDers will find that yoga is a powerful mental and physical refresher that they can retreat to when feeling out of control or overwhelmed.

Walking for Fat Loss???
With obesity and disease increasing dramatically, many fitness experts are recommending walking for weight loss and fitness. Some are even going so far as saying that walking is the best way to burn fat and lose weight. I strongly disagree with this and am going to show you why walking is NOT effective at burning off body fat.

Light Up Your Life: Seasonal Affective Disorder
Unfortunately, for many who suffer from a disorder called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), the dread of the upcoming change in seasons is growing.

Sebhorreic Dermatitis: An Over-the-Counter Remedy
I decided to research the subject a little further to find out what Seborrheic Dermatitis was. And to see if there was a way to live with the condition using over-the-counter medicine.

I'm Sorry! Blame-Game or Accountability?
A powerful tool for health can be to focus on giving and/or receiving only real apologies when we want to heal a rift with a family member, friend, or co-worker. We hear apologies all the time, but I don't think many of them are sincere. An apology has to be real to heal.

Get Out of Jail Free: Stop Being Defensive
After the "honeymoon period" and "real life" sets in, people get into ongoing conflicts that erode the bond of love between them, imprisoning them in long-term power struggles. It happens with our children and our own parents, as well as with our intimate partner or spouse.

Responding to Criticism Without Being Defensive
When we feel attacked (criticized or judged) by others in conversation, we often move into a kind of survival mentality and automatically defend ourselves. But when we defend against criticism, we give more power to the criticism and the person dishing it out than is warranted.

Myths of Menopause: What to Know Now
If possible, women should follow their mothers' lead. Menopause is a short-term phenomena like puberty. You wouldn't think of interfering with puberty, would you?

Twelve Steps To Co-Commitment
We can move towards a conscious love relationship by committing ourselves to consciously working towards that goal. We need to clearly understand what we kind of relationship we want to create and be willing to commit ourselves to that goal. This means choosing to work on ourselves rather than falling back into unconscious behavior patterns.

What Makes You Feel Good/ What Makes You Feel Bad
Our feelings are regulated by neurotransmitters such as serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine. Here are some things to know about serotonin, called the “feel good” neurotransmitter.

Top 11 Ways Couples Experience Attraction
There are at least ten ways that couples can experience attraction. Yet far too often, people act as if the only type of attraction that exists is physical chemistry. Learn about the many ways couples experience attraction.

Learning From All Our Relationships
All our relationships offer us the arena to learn about our own fears and false beliefs that keep us limited. Learn how in this article.

Healing Food Addiction
Find our the underlying cause of the inner aloneness that underlies food addiction and what to do about it.

10,000 Steps
Decreasing activity levels play an important role in America's problem with weight. The 10,000 Steps Program provides a sensible, gradual approach to integrating increased activity level into your life.

Your Perfect Weight: What’s Love Got to Do with It?
Weight has nothing to do with diet, exercise, genes or how much we eat! Maintaining our perfect body weight has everything to do with the free flow of love in our lives.

The Spiritual Side of Humor: How positive humor can promote lifetime connections
If there’s one thing people are lacking in today’s fast-paced, hi-tech world, it’s meaningful connections with others. Although our world population has grown in recent decades, we’ve become more isolated from our neighbors than ever before.

Performance Anxiety
Beverly had suffered from anxiety most of her life. As a child, she slept poorly and often had nightmares. She bit her nails and would chew on the skin around her nails until they were raw and bleeding.

The Health Benefits of Sex
Would you rather run 75 miles or have sex three times per week for a year? Research shows that both activities burn the same number of calories. (7,500, to be exact.)
Sex in a loving, intimate relationship has numerous health benefits.

Oxygen Is The Most Critical Element For Life…Oxygen is "The Life Force"
Degenerative diseases, including cancer, and premature aging, start with low oxygen levels in the body. As we age, we lose vital capacity and the ability to effectively obtain adequate oxygen. After age 25 we lose 10% lung (respiratory) capacity every 10 years, due to shallow breathing. Some disease conditions impair oxygen utilization.

Natural Supplements for Insomnia
Insomnia is a frustrating problem for many people because most of the drugs don’t work very well. Some of them will work for a while and then stop working completely. Some drugs get you to sleep, but cause extreme drowsiness during the day.

The Top 10 Signs of Low Self-Esteem
It is time for people to begin recognizing where they may have low self-esteem and start believing in themselves in all areas of their lives. Although there are many indicators, the following ten are some of the most prevalent signs of low self-esteem.

The Single Most Important Factor in Fitness
Just the other day, someone asked me what I thought the single most important factor was in determining how fit you become. They wanted to know if it involved abundant amounts of cardio and weight training or if it had to do more with healthy eating and proper nutrition.

The Essence of relationships
The relationship that will bring you the most happiness and the one you pursue are two different things. If the wasn’t the case, the very first time you go into a relationship you like, it would have worked right? If it didn’t then there must be a reason.

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